Welcome to Jobpose

JobPose is a leading internal talent mobility platform designed to show current employees what career opportunities are available right now in your organization. Featuring a customizable platform, JobPose gives you the power to leverage data analytics and personal profiles to match internal candidates with potential openings.  It’s designed to help you and your valued team members take advantage of all the benefits that come with internal recruitment,

Save On Costs Per Hire

Talent mining saves both financial and human resources. It reduces the need for advertising, recruitment firms, onboarding and training costs while breeding a culture of advancement.

Reduce Time To Hire

Internal recruiting assumes your best hires already work for you and are ready to take the next step in their careers. It eliminates the need to spend time and money sourcing and screening candidates.

Reduce Acquisition Risk

Those thriving in your organization embody the best of your culture.  Promoting these individuals shows your commitment to internal mobility and cuts out the unknowns that come with new hires: culture shock, attrition, resentment, and training times.

Smooth Transitions

It takes new hires from outside the organization weeks if not months to understand the inner workings of an organization. People promoted from within already “get it” and are ready to get things done.


How does internal recruiting improve with JobPose?

Jobpose's Known Talent Platform securely integrates with your HRIS system and uses your employees' profiles (skills, experience, performance reviews, etc.) to recommend matches with new opportunities. Once connected, team members can easily express interest in the open positions selected specifically for them via their computer or mobile device.

What makes us different!

Unlike ad hoc intranet platforms, web-based job boards or email communications, JobPose is specifically designed with one purpose in mind-to help companies like yours easily tap into known talent and match them to new opportunities. Ours is a fast, easy to use and implement SaaS platform that puts team members and management on the same page. Our expert technicians are happy to help you configure the system to your needs so you can immediately begin saving time, money and resources when hiring.

How does JobPose increase retention?

When there's a clear career path for known talent to strive for, they're likely to work harder for it and stay with your company. This is just the beginning of how JobPose can help you inspire your team, promote a culture of advancement, increase performance and reduce costs within your organization.



Integrates seamlessly and securely with HRM systems to match information in real time

Match Talent

Easily take full advantage of all the benefits that come from internal recruiting and promotion by matching the right candidate to the right opportunities.

Responsive Experience

The simple to use platform works exactly the way you need it to on any device- Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet..

Intuitive Design

Helps keep everyone-recruiters, managers and employees at all levels-united through a single platform.


Employees can easily swipe through candidates profiles.

Reporting & Analytics

Standard and custom reporting is available, on Applies, Matched Candidates, Interviews, Promotions and more.

Increase Productivity

When co-workers see their colleagues promoted, they perform better knowing the same can happen for them

Find & Hire Talent Faster

The best candidate for the job probably already works for you.  Our platform matches internal employee skills and capabilities with potential opportunities within the organization

Decrease Attrition

Improve employees' perceptions about your company with a platform that shows you care about what interest them and helps them achieve their best.  JobPose helps you create an environment where team members are more productive because they know advancement is possible.

Decrease Organizational Costs

Internal recruiting costs less, period—about half of what external recruiting costs. Plus, internal candidates perform better and get up and running faster than candidates that need onboarding and training.



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